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Welcome to Staffordshire Name Indexes

Using The Staffordshire Name Indexes Site

Selecting An Index To Search

The first step to finding information on this site is selecting one of our currently available indexes to search. You can do this by going to our home page and selecting the index from the 'Getting Started' section - alternatively you can select the index from the 'Quick Index Select' area at the base of every page.

How To Use The Search Function

Enter all of the surname of the person you are searching for in the 'Surname' box. If you want the system to find entries which only partially match the details provided, enter part of the surname in the surname box and ensure that the 'Partial Match' box is ticked.

Some indexes may provide you date ranges to limit your search to, or provide other text boxes for entering additional search criteria. These are optional and can be left blank if you wish.

Once you have entered all of the search criteria you wish to enter, click on the 'Search' button at the base of the search box. The results of your search will be shown on the main screen.

Viewing The Results

A list of all records which match your search will be shown. Results are returned alphabetically by surname in pages of 10.

The number of records returned is shown at the top right, the number of pages in the top left. You can navigate the pages by using the arrow controls provided. The single arrows will move you forward or backward a page, the double arrows will move you to the first page or last page of the results. You can also click on the page numbers to go straight to a particular page.

You can perform another search at any time by changing the search criteria you have entered and clicking on 'Search' again.

If the system can't find any records that match your search, a 'No Results Found' screen will be displayed.

If this happens try modifying your search. Maybe try a different spelling of the surname or do a partial match of a surname by typing in part of the surname and ticking the partial match box.

More Detailed Information and Ordering Documents

Once you have found a record you would like more information on, click on the name provided in the record.

A screen which shows the full details for the record selected will then be shown, click on the 'Back' button from here to return to your search results.

At the bottom of the details page will be details about ordering a photocopy, transcript or digital image of the record (depending on the index being viewed) along with the cost associated with it. Note that not all indexes have a document ordering facility.

If you wish to add the item to your basket, click on the 'Add To Basket' button. You will be returned back to the search and confirmation that the item has been added to your basket will be shown.

Once you have added all of the items you would like to order to your basket, click on the 'View Basket' button. You will then be shown a list of all of the items you have added to your basket. Click on the 'Delete Item' button next to any document you no longer wish to order.

When you are ready to finalise your request, provide your name and email address details in the page. This system does not require any payment or address details, one of our members of staff will contact you about your request.