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Staffordshire Police Force Registers, 1842-1920

Staffordshire Police

The Staffordshire Constabulary was established in 1842 as the main police force for the county of Staffordshire, although a number of boroughs maintained their own forces until as late as 1968. The force went by a number of different names through its history - Staffordshire Constabulary, 1842-1929; Staffordshire County Police, 1929-1967; Staffordshire County and Stoke on Trent Constabulary, 1968-1974 – and since 1974 has been known as Staffordshire Police.

The Force Registers

Amongst the archives of the Staffordshire Police deposited at Staffordshire Record Office is a complete series of county police Force Registers, covering the dates 1842-1977, and containing the main personnel record for every officer who served in Staffordshire Police. The registers are in bound volumes which are not photocopied for reasons of conservation.

The registers give information about the officer’s age and place of origin, their appearance and their career as it progressed, and about their leaving of the service. A full breakdown is given on the Ordering a Transcript page.

View a sample transcript for Thomas Hill, appointed 1st June 1914.

About This Index

This index covers the period 1842-1920 (Staffordshire Record Office, C/PC/1/6/1-2, and C/PC/12/1/29/3). A successful surname search in the index will provide you with the surname, forename(s) and year of appointment to the force. This information can be used to order a transcript of the full entry in the force register (see details above).

Further Information About This Index

Other Records of Interest

The Staffordshire Police archive also contains other records of biographical interest, particularly the superannuation registers which record the pensions paid to men who had left the service, or gratuities paid to dependants. Dates and circumstances of death are noted, where applicable, also some comments as to poor health or lack of fitness to serve.

See also our separate indexes to the main police force in Stoke-on-Trent and Special Constables in Stoke-on-Trent.

The Archive Service is able to undertake further research in these records. For details of this service please see the Staffordshire Records Research Service page on the Archive Service’s main website.

Records of Officers who joined Staffordshire Police after 1920

Staffordshire Record Office also holds police personnel records from 1920 to 1977. These volumes are not normally open to public inspection because they contain personal information about people who may still be living. If the police officer is no longer living we can provide a transcript of the entry. The records will often give the officer’s date of death but where this is not the case we will ask you to provide evidence, such as a copy of the death certificate. If you would like to order a transcript for a police officer who entered the Staffordshire Police after 1920 please contact us by email or letter. You will need to confirm that the person is deceased, and let us know at what dates they were in the force and where they were living. For personnel records from 1978 onwards please contact Staffordshire Police ( Links to external sites will open in a new window.


We are pleased to acknowledge the considerable contributions made by Mr Roger Keight and Mrs Ann Sumner in terms of time and hard work, without which this online index would not have been possible.