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Tithe Awards Index, 1836 - 1845


The tithe apportionment awards and maps held by the Archive Service stem from the Tithe Commutation Act of 1836, which replaced the payment of tithes as one tenth of agricultural produce (grain, hay, calves, lambs, etc.) with a rent charge apportioned between the landowners in the parish or township. Initially, owners of land and tithes could voluntarily agree a sum, but after October 1838, compulsary commutation began. Maps were drawn up and detailed schedules called 'awards', listing owners, occupiers and property details for each individual plot were created. Most processes were completed by 1845.

About 70% of the land area of the county was subject to tithe at this time. Exceptions were where tithes had already been commuted or extinguished, for example as part of an enclosure award. In some cases, tithe had never been paid - on former monastic land, or on land which was too poor in the medieval period to have been titheable, such as parts of the Staffordshire Moorlands.

About this Index

Headings that can be searched on are owner surname, occupier surname, township, parish and plot name.

A search will bring up a results page which lists the key pieces of information -
  • owner surname and forename(s)
  • occupier surname and forename(s)
  • township and parish
  • plot name and plot number
There is also a link to another page with the full information from each column of the award for each entry, which has additionally -
  • document reference
  • land use
  • area (in acres, rods and perches)
  • tithers payable
  • value(s) and notes

Our Friends organisation (FoSSA) is currently fundraising so that digital images of the tithe maps that accompany the awards can be made. Individual support for this project is welcomed. Please follow the link to the Staffordshire Tithe Map Digitisation Project to find out more.

At this point, no digital images are available or offered.

Original maps can be viewed at Staffordshire Record Office. Contact us to make an appointment. Personal photography is possible by purchase of a daily camera permit.Note: The link to external sites will open in a new window.


We are pleased to acknowledge the work of the Staffordshire Record Office Volunteers in creating this index.